1. Why is Indian Hair considered so special?

They are special because of its flexibility, texture and the durability of the hair. They are known to be very thick and lustrous offering the best hair whether for styling and other installation options that work very well with braiding and weaving applications for women. Our hair is guaranteed and natural.

2. From where does the Indian hair come?

People donate hairs in India lot because of some customs and rituals. There are many rituals in Indian religion in which people donate their hairs.

3. What does "bulk" and "wefted" mean?

Bulk hair means loose and is generally used in braiding and other forms of hair extensions styles. Wefted hair means which is used for weaving and other forms of styles.

4. What types of hair care products I should use on my hair?

Ans. If you want to treat your Indian hairs like they are your own then you should use quality shampoo and conditioning products. Conditioning is a very important for your hair care provided they remain soft and more manageable. You can also use quality other products as gel and hair spray. Just remember to wash your hairs so that the products do not damage them in any way.