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Malaysian Virgin Hair Weft Extensions

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Malaysia is situated in south-Asia and shares border with Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam.
Malaysian Hair is obtained from the Malaysian women. They donate their hair in Malaysian temple in order to help themselves financially or offer hair to gods. Continue reading

What to Do If Your Hair Won’t Hold Colour.


Falling in love with a hair color is an awesome feeling. When you see the new shade you have to try, it is like finding a totally new identity to wear them. But some time you notice that you didn’t get the desired color on your hair. Here we are discussing top reasons, why it happens? Continue reading

Happy New Year 2017

Happy new Year 2017

The day arrived on the way to brings new hopes for absolutely everyone within the international. again new start, new arrival, new hopes, new dreams arrived with this New year. this is the time to start new plannings for brand spanking new year; overlook preceding bad things and improve yourself with new confidence. Vipin hair extension is wishing you all a completely happy new year. New year is the time at which a new calendar year starts offevolved and the calendar’s 12 months matter is incremented. the new year of the Gregorian calendar, these days in global use, falls on 1 January (New year’s Day), as turned into the case with both the vintage Roman calendar and the Julian calendar that succeeded it.
Continue reading

Christmas Hair Extension Guide- Vipin Hair Extensions.

Marry christmas

The festive season is coming & there are many countless social events. Festival season is usually celebrated with family members, friends, and a special someone. You need to look gorgeous and stunning during events. Whole year you have spent with the same look, Now a festive time has come, you need some changes in your look. Small changes in look make a big difference. Continue reading

How to Celebrate Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving Day 2016

Thanksgiving Day is a public holiday celebrated on the 4th Thursday in November in the US. It is a federal holiday & observed first in 1621. Thanksgiving is one of the important day in the United States & also popular in the United Kingdom.
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The complete Guide to Buying Hair Extensions Online.

hair extensions wholesaler

Nowadays, Hair extensions are very popular across the globe, from US to UK in all countries around the globe hair extensions are gaining huge popularity because of its benefits. Hair extensions are popular because women are more conscious about their hair, they look for a hassle-free method to have longer voluminous hair without waiting for it to grow naturally. There are a wide variety of hair extensions available online with different types & styles. Continue reading

Pushkar Fair 2016

Pushkar fair 2016

Pushkar is a little lakeside town close Ajmer(Rajasthan), flanked by the Nag Pahar and the edge of the betray. At full moon of Kartik Poornima every year, right around 200,000 individuals run to Pushkar, carrying with a great many cows, for a few days of program, camel dashing and beautiful celebrations. Continue reading

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