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Qatar also known as State of Qatar or “Dawlat Qatar”. It is considered to be a sovereign country which is situated in the Southwest Asia, it i solely attached to Saudi Arabia from south and other by the Persian Gulf. Strait of Persian gulf separates the nearby islands of it with Bahrain, UAE and Iran.

Earlier being under the rule of Ottoman, Qatar is considered the British proectorate in the 20th century till 1971 until their independence. It has been in the influence of House of Thani rule from 19th century and was founded by the Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani. From hen it has been a constitutional monarchy and its head is Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani.

Qatar has been counted as one of the country with high income economyand wih developed features,including the largest natural gas reserves and oil reserves. It stands with the 1st  rank on highest per capita income in the world. It has also been classified by the UN as an emerging country with very high human development and most advanced Arab state for human development.Qatar has the significant powerin Arab, and it supports many rebel groups during Arab springs financiallyand through media support i.e. Al Jazeera Media Network. It is soon o be the first country to host 2022 FIFA World Cup in the Arab Region.

Currently being the capital city of Qatar, Doha is hence populous and significant part of State of Qatar. The name Doha may have originated from Arabic “Ad-Dawha” called as the big tree.Its has approximate population of 1,351,000 and close to 1.5 million. Being the capital of the country , it holds the 50% of the nation’s population including the suburbs and also considered the economic center of the country. It was founded in 1820s as an outgrowth of Al Bidda. It has gained its identidy officially as the capitalin 1971 during the independence of the country. It also serves as an educational city and globalization , world cities of research network. It has got poopularity in May 2015, when it got its name in 7 wonders cities together with Kuala Lumpur, Durban, Havana, Vigan and Beirut.

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