Hair Extensions Australia

Kangaroo people also use variety of hair extensions and products. Some uses U-tip and I-tip extensions for a longer period. As, they need to be fixed for a couple of weeks, so lets have a look on these products. U-tip extensions are also called Fusion, which are fixed with keratin using a hot hair extension iron rod,  it may cause damage to your own hair but mostly not. 

These U-tip extensions are made up of Super keratip which is kind of strong keratin available nowadays. One just need to take a U-tip extension, melt the keratin with extension iron on a clean hair but non-conditioner hair, then roll it with finger to fix it completely. When we talk about I- tip extensions, then we need not to use any thing sticky to fix it your hair. These are I-tipped extensions,also known as cold fusion.

These are fixed by pulling tool in which one’s hair are pulled through a small ring tool, to make a section of hair easily. Then I-tip extension is inserted into a loop, the loops are usually made of copper or silicon, so that extension could be holded with hair and then loop is pressed with a plier as hard as it could be. So, these are one of the famous extension products in Australia available in affordable prices.

Another variety of hair extension product is tape extensions which also comes in variety of lengths starting from 16 inches to 26 inches, in different shades of black, brown, blonde, red, ombre and two toned extensions. They are also very easy to install, one just need to make a section of different layers of the hair, take the tape extension, press the tip of this extension through your scalp and then heat it up a bit with iron to fix it completely.

Hair closures are another type of extension product which is available in silk and laced closure type. Closures are mostly common among people who have very less hair or who are almost bald. Lace closure needs to be stitched on a platform given with hair extension on to your head and it doesnot even cause any harm to you hair because they would not get damaged due to glues or iron. It gives more effective look to any person and is for a longer period.

Virgin human hair extension could be easily converted into curly, frizzy, wavey and straighten forms depending upon the choiceof the wearers. And, remy hair extensions are very silky, the cuticles are pre removed, straighten, can be worn for a long time.

Hair Extensions Australia

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